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The Pacific Ocean, 1835. The ship 'HMS Beagle' arrives at the Galapagos islands. On board is the young biologist Charles Darwin. 

In this game, the players are biologists walking in the footsteps of Darwin. They go on expeditions on the Galapagos islands in order to discover rare species, and create exhibitions to score exhibition points. The player with the most exhibition points when the game ends wins the game. 

  • A game about collecting and discovering animals on the Galapagos Islands.
  • A game inspired by the work of the famous biologist.
  • With easy to learn rules players experience an intriguing game with lots of choices.
  • Exciting until the very end of the game
  • Through the simple and clever bidding ystem players experience the interaction of the other players
  • High quality game materials plus colourful and beautiful artwork. 

3-4 players. 90 minutes playing time.

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Publisher: White Goblin