Golem Arcana Durani: The Khans Prye

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Three new Golems for your Golem Arcana Army. The Khan's Pyre Durani Expansion includes:  
  • The Jeweled Harpy, a warsprite that can buffet enemies across the battlefield.
  • The Winged Preserver, a titan that wield an enormous scythe.
  • The Fire Ram, a ranged specialist that rains down Fiery Shrapnel. 
Also included are three banner stands, three TDI Golem Cards (matching the figures), two double-sided Blessing and Curse tokens, and four new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army:
  • The Bulwark of Vajra: a portable defensive fortress.
  • Daku's Lens: a gem that temporarily extends a Golem's attacks out to a practically infinite range.
  • The Peridot of Hantra: a gem that temporarily allows any ranged attack to affect an entire cluster of targets.
  • The Idol of Preyas: a portable weapon that can be emplaced on the battlefield.

Bar code: 855437005087

Publisher: Hairbrained Schemes