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One arena. Two sides. Three robots. Can you get the most robots on your side? 

Each player takes turns to select from one of these three actions: place an energy token, move a robot or fi ll up with energy. To play a token, take a piece from your stock and place it on an empty space on the board (that is, a space that doesnÔøΩt contain a robot or an energy token). 

Robots always move towards nearby spaces containing energy tokens, using it up in the process. The black robot can only use black energy and the white robot can only use white energy. The red robot can use both. To replace used energy, players draw tokens from a common supply: these can be black or white or both, but they are limited to having only four in their hand at a time. 

When the energy supply runs out, the player with two or three robots in their area wins.

2 players. 15 minutes playing time.

Bar code: 355830005360

Publisher: Asmodee