Stock Market Guru

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At last a "no risk" way to play the stock market! 

The market. It's where fortunes are made and lost, and where millions of individuals have their retirement money invested. And... it's not the best place to learn the hard way! Now, playing the stock market is truly fun and games. 

With stock market guru you will:
  • Buy and sell stocks and bonds
  • Decide when it's time to buy or sell or even to hold onto what you have
  • Determine whether it's best to buy stocks, bonds or that mutual fund
  • Pay broker's commissions
  • Watch how business cycles and interest rates affect your investments
  • Find out if you prefer high risk and high paying investments or, if you're more conservative, learn the consequences of your decisions. 

It's very realistic and lots of fun. STOCK MARKET GURU is a refinement of Avalon Hill's award winning game, Stocks & Bonds, which Kiplinger's Money Smart Kids and Money magazines recommended for budding as well as experienced investors. 

Use this game to practice with play money, or be prepared to lose the real thing in the market. STOCK MARKET GURU is a "must have" for the whole family.

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Publisher: Avalon Hill