Wicked Witches Way

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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your broomsticks! 

On a clear night, you just might be able to spot strange objects zig-zagging across the sky. Those aren't shooting stars - they're witches on broomsticks, racing through the sky with powerful potions and magical concoctions! And now, it's up to you beat them at their wild game. Read the omens and remember the secret formula, then recreate the spell to go soaring past your opponents! 

Wicked Witches Way is the racing game where your speed depends on your quick wits and memory. Roll the dice into the box and memorize the results, then mix the potions you'll need to get ahead. Choose the orange spells, with their fantastic speed, or focus on black, and earn the cards that will grant you spells and sneaky tricks. 

Featuring beautiful art and a box that looks like a magical tome, Wicked Witches Way will delight two to six magical racers. The box opens up to catch the dice, and beautiful high-quality components will have you laughing and racing and concocting your way to the finish line. Memory, audacity and raw cunning will be your greatest assets as you fly to victory! 

  • A completely original game whose box also doubles as a dice cup;  
  • Superb game pieces and a box that looks like a Magic Book
  • A game for the whole Family.

Publisher: Asmodee

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