Call to Glory

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Intrigue at the court of the Japanese emperor! Who will seize the power and exert the most influence? Call to Glory is a swift, dynamic and interactive card game with simple rules. Collect cards of the different characters and play them at the right time. Who will succeed in seizing the power and retaining their influence at the Emperor's court? 

  • Tactical card game with simple rules.
  • Ideal travel game: the game needs only limited space and requires little preparation.
  • Quickly playable: short turns and a fast pace with surprisingly many hard choices.
  • Excitement at the table: when is the right time to play your cards and to steal points from your opponents without suffering the same fate?
  • Includes two variants for even more variation and tactics.
  • A very good game, even with only two players!
For 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up
Playing time: 30 minutes

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Publisher: White Goblin