Crazy Creatures of Dr Doom

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Strange noises are heard out of the Mad Mansion of Doctor Doom. Clouds of all colours come out of the chimney and people tell weird stories about Crazy Creatures seen in the forest around the mansion. Help Doctor Doom finish his Extravagant Experiments to create the World's Wackiest Crazy Creatures every seen! 

  • A fun card game by top game designer Michael Schacht
  • Try to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible (or prevent other players from doing so) and make the monster of Dr. Doom grow or shrink
  • Fast-paced card game with simple rules
  • Excellent family game: short duration and playable by young children (everyone who can count to 6, can play the game) and after one game you'll sure want to play another one!
  • Cheerful drawings of monsters by Dennis Lohausen (Crooks, Little Devils)

For 2 to 4 players
Ages 7 and up
Playing time: 20 minutes

Bar code: 713757485609

Publisher: White Goblin