Snowdonia Jungfraubahn Mt Washington

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Snowdonia: Jungfraubahn & Mount Washington consists of two new scenarios for Snowdonia that take players away from the damp North of Wales and transport them (and their shovels) to more frozen climates! New mechanisms for the use of dynamite, new weather (snow) and new trains combine to provide a different playing experience. Jungfraubahn is a scenario for up to four players, with the yellow fifth player pieces being used as dynamite; the Mount Washington scenario handles up to five players with an amusing take on the "Surveyor". (Let's just say: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!") This expansion is comprised of a rulebook and a single deck of 66 cards containing: 
  • New copies/versions of standard Snowdonia Contract Cards 
  • Alternative versions of Contract cards for the Jungfraubahn scenario 
  • Alternative versions of Contract cards for the Mount Washington scenario 
  • Four new Trains (including Old Peppersass) 
  • Special Jungfrau Track cards The german version by Lookout Games comes without a box and without a rulebook. 
It is given out in three shrinkwrapped card packages with 33 cards each.

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Publisher: Indie Games

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