Hollywood Lives

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Hollywood Lives is a party game for everyone who wants to spend an evening of drama, intrigue, excitement and laughter. A cross between a host-a-murder party and charades, with a dash of double-dealing some dressing up, plus frequent opportunities to go 'over the top', each game of Hollywood Livesis unforgettable! 

Hollywood Lives takes place in Hollywood 's Golden Age, the Tinseltown of the 1940's and 50's. As players you take the part of the major stars of the era, vying with each other to take the leads in such classic movies as the hard-boiled gumshoe-flick The Lebanese Sparrow, the true heroic western grit of High Moon or the dashing romantic drama of Off With the Breeze. Players aim to land roles that will gain the highest combination of fame and fortune. The winners of Hollywood Lives are those who have managed to amass the most of both star points and dollars. 

But that's not all - Hollywood Lives has more to it than merely garnering fame and riches (fine goals though those are). Once you have agreed amongst yourselves which movies you are going to make, you and your team go ahead and devise the movie. Once you've worked out what happens in your movie, you then present the trailer to all the other players. Everyone votes for the movies they liked best, and the game round climaxes at an Academy Awards ceremony. 

Contents: 1 Book (114 pages) containing everything needed to play. Including the Players guide, a success guide, extending Hollywood Live (a guide on how to enhance the game for extra replay value). Directors Guide and Game materials - Actor envelopes, name badges, star card, money academy award voting slips, studio and location posters. 

10 - 25 players. Playing time: 3 Hours

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Publisher: Fantasy Flight