Alhambra 6: Falconers

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The sixth expansion to Germany's game of the year 2003 (Spiel des Jahres) contains four new modules, which present new challenges to the master builders: 

The Falconers: Players can now purchase and place falcons on intersections of four buildings in their Alhambra. The magnificent birds of prey will certainly delight their owners - with victory points. 

The Portals: Portals offer players new ways to build their walls and gain even more victory points for them, especially if they are part of their longest contiguous wall. 

The Building Sites: Allows players to purchase and place buildings for half price. Its walls are completed instantly but the building itself will only score once it's finished. 

The Exchange Certificates: If a player overpays for a purchase he gains a voucher for the amount he overpaid in a currency of his choice. As always all Alhambra expansions can be mixed and matched as you like but require the basic game to play.

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Publisher: Queen Games