Descent: Bonds of the Wild

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A branch from the Tree of Life has the power to stop plague and heal illness. Now, you must find this lost artifact, for the good of all Terrinoth in the Bonds of the Wild Hero and Monster Collection! In this Hero and Monster Collection, you’ll find twenty-two plastic figures, previously only available in the first edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, now reimagined with new figure sculpts and artwork. In addition to these detailed figures, you'll find two brand-new quests chronicling your quest for the healing power of the Tree of Life. 

Bonds of the Wild contains: 
  • Four heroes of Terrinoth, with detailed figures and character sheets 
  • Three complete monster groups with monster cards 
  • Two new quests: One Man's Trash and Bonds of the Wild

Bar code: 9781616618407

Publisher: Fantasy Flight