Legend of the Five Rings: Launch Kit

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Rokugan welcomes players to a game of honor and conflict this year with the brand new Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Bring the seven Great Clans and their samurai into your store with three separate events to celebrate the release of the game! Each retail store can purchase one Launch Kit to support up to twelve players as they grow their skills in preparation for recurring Organized Play events in 2018! The Launch Party takes place on the release weekend of the Core Set, where players build small decks from one purchased Core Set . Reward participants with a lanyard and badge, plus stickers to show their clan loyalty with. 

Contents (Not for Resale):

  • 12 Lanyards, Badges, and Sticker Sheets
  • 12 Imperial Favor Promo Cards
  • 12 Pins
  • 21 Clan-Specific Promo Cards (3 for each clan)

Publisher: Fantasy Flight