Rattus Africanus

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The Plague has crossed the Mediterranean with travelling merchants and is now also ravaging northern Africa. The introduction of the caravan and diplomats add new strategic possibilities, and the region cards give players more control over plague outbreaks. This expansion creates a whole new game experience: new possibilities, more players and especially more fun. 

  • Expansion for the successful game Rattus: combine this expansion with the standard game and other expansions for an even funnier game.
  • New possibilities with the new Islam class: four new characters with unique skills.
  • Explore new strategies: fight the plague with region cards, score extra points with diplomats or generate additional growth using the caravan.
  • Includes components for 5 and 6 players!
For 2 to 6 players, ages 10 and up. Playing time: 45 minutes

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Publisher: White Goblin