Tokaido Deluxe Edition

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The Tokaido Deluxe Edition combines the Tokaido base game and Tokaido: Crossroads expansion with many brand-new, fully unique components, including:

  • Newly designed game board integrating Tokaido: Crossroads
  • 16 traveler tiles
  • 5 wooden "traveler" pawns
  • 5 'pack" tokens in the player colors
  • 172 beautifully-illustrated cards
  • 16 highly-detailed 30 mm figurines, each one unique, with a special personality, ready for you to paint or leave as-is
  • Finely-sculpted score markers
  • 50 metal coins
  • 1 purse, with a luxurious finish, to hold all the new coins
  • 1 custom wooden "Crossroads" die
  • A new design for the box, made especially for the Deluxe Edition
  • A new thermoformed insert to arrange all the components neatly in the same box
  • 1 original soundtrack disc that includes 10 splendid tracks to immerse you in the magical atmosphere of the East Sea Road

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