Anima: Beyond Good and Evil

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Everything ended. Omega, the ancient entity that threatened to disrupt all life in Gaia, is sealed. Its unlimited source of power, the Infinity Orb, has been shattered, and the splinters scattered. Humanity continued forward, confident that this grave danger has past... or has it? 

Anima: Beyond Good and Evil is the first stand-alone expansion for Anima: Shadow of Omega. You take control of a party of exceptional characters, wielding their cunning and magical powers to complete missions and ultimately stop the ultimate evil, Genesis. Be warned, however, other players will hinder your actions in order to claim victory for themselves. 

Anima: Beyond Good and Evil continues the adventures in Gaia for 2-4 players, playable in about an hour. Beyond Good and Evil can be played as an independent game, or it can be combined with Anima: Shadow of Omega Revised Edition for an even more epic gaming experience. 

1 rule book
110 cards (Characters, Areas, Encounters, Missions, and Advantages)
4 character counters
2 six-sided dice 
1 ten-sided die

Bar code: 9788496802117

Publisher: Fantasy Flight