Sirius Dice POP Mixed Case

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Backorder 10/01/20SDZ0001

48 Premium Sirius Dice Sets to enhance your gaming experience. Each Set contain 8 dice - 1 each of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and two d20. These high quality resin dice come in an acrylic tube with a screw top lid for convineint storage.

The mixed case contains:

6 Translucent Red Resin 7-Dice Sets (SDZ0001-04) 
6 Translucent Purple Resin (SDZ0001-05) 
6 Translucent Green Resin (SDZ0001-06) 
6 Translucent Blue Resin (SDZ0001-07) 
6 Black Cloud Transparent Resin (SDZ0001-08) 
6 Red Cloud Transparent Resin (SDZ0001-09) 
6 Blue Aurora Semi-Transparent Resin (SDZ0001-12) 
6 Rainbow Translucent Resin (SDZ0001-10) 

The first time you order a Mixed case of 48 Sirius Dice, you also get a Premium Counter Top LED Display. Limit One per customer.

Most of the sets are transparent or translucent features. Sitting inside our clear tube, they look terrific in the LED illuminated countertop display.

Publisher: Sirius

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