Three Musketeers

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"Proudly put on the plumed hat, wear the tunic of musketeers and lift your sword, the honor of the Queen is in your hand!"

Musketeers, will be able to cross the Louvre, while avoiding the numerous perils that lie in wait for you, and return the diamond pendants recklessly given by the Queen to Buckingham before it is too late? 

Cardinal de Richelieu, will you unmask which of your noble enemies is carrying the diamond pendants that you seek in order to compromise the Queen? 

Duels, chases through the rooms of Louvre, elixirs of seduction, secret passages and many other events await you in this cloak-and-dagger adventure. 

Don't forget the motto: "All for one, one for all!" Your ability to defeat the formidable Cardinal depends on your unity!

2-5 players
Ages 8 to adult
45 minutes playing time

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Publisher: Zvezda