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In 1861 Sir Raffles is ordered by the East Indian Company to build an outpost on the island of Singapore. Rich merchants are ordered to develop the area in exchange for free land. The small outpost thus develops into a metropolis. The legal trade flourishes, but the opium trade increases as well. In this game the players assume the role of merchants who intend to develop the land and conduct trade in goods such as stone, textile and tea. And when the opportunity arises to participate in illegal, profitable activities, they will certainly take it. However, the risk of being caught increases as more illegal activities take place. 
  • beautiful building game: number of possibilities and choices increases over the game as your outpost expands
  • strategic choices: make optimal use of your goods and the available buildings
  • lot of variation: 42 different buildings which guarantee a different game every time
  • experience the intense tension: increased risk of a raid if you have opted for very profitable but also illegal activities
  • beautiful layout: clear icons by Alexandre Roche increase the fun of the game
3-4 players. 90 minutes playing time.

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Publisher: White Goblin