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The modern city of Nuremberg was known as Norenberc during the middle ages, and Norenberc was a thriving center of commerce and craftsmanship. Anyone seeking control of the city would first have to gain control of the guilds, because being in command of the guilds is controlling the city. 

In Norenberc, each player assumes the role of an ambitious merchant who tries to gain influence over the Norenberc city council. To do so, the players need to win over craftsmen of the different guilds. The player who manages to win over the most (and most influential) craftsmen wins the game. 

  • A game of trade in the middle ages: buying from and selling to the different Norenberc guilds
  • A game for planners who are capable of reacting flexibly when their plans are thwarted by other players
  • The mix of skills of different craftsmen and townsmen ensures a perfect mix of strategy and tactics
  • Colourful design with lots of wooden pieces
  • The game is balanced with any number of players (2-5). The amount of game pieces is adjusted to the number of players.
4-6 players. 40 minutes playing time.

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Publisher: White Goblin