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The year is 1949. The first World War rages on. The forces of the Union strive to end the conflict through the use of advanced technology, created from the alien wreckage discovered at Roswell. Their soldiers are equipped with the finest military technology in existence thanks to the brilliance of Edison. From the devastating Flash Machine Gun to the sight-enhancing Night-eyes night vision goggles, the Union is winning the arms race. Their foes are the Reich. Headed by the occult powered Kaiser, this army of evil scours the globe for ways to enhance their prodigious occult abilities. Squads of the possessed sweep through Europe led by the Marquis General, Hermann Von Heizinger. Recent developments in the war have forced Mother Russia to enter the battle. Living embodiments of the reawakened Slavic gods, the Matriarchy is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Their robotic hordes are fueled with the genius of Tesla, and his electrical weaponry is easily the equal of the Union's technological advancements. The war is reaching a fever point, which side will win? 

Tannhauser puts you in the middle of a alternate timeline. What we now call World War I has never ended, and the forces involved have chosen new ways to break the stalemate. Featuring the Pathfinding system, a revolutionary way to mark line of sight, Tannhauser gets you in the thick of the battle quick. Each side has unique characters and equipment, and you must outfit your figures to best advantage in order to win. Each force has a multitude of equipment and weapon options. Customize your force, and ensure your soldiers have exactly what you need them to. The choices you make determine if your team is prepared for the enemy they will face.

2-10 players. 90 minutes playing time.

Bar code: 9781589943780

Publisher: Fantasy Flight