Heroscape: Champions of the Forgotten Realms

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Dark hoards are on the march - lizard men, ghost knights, dark elves, and evil elementals! The warriors of Faerun are summoned to the greatest battle of all time. Will the Champions of the Forgotten Realms be enough to stem the tide? Iconic characters and monsters from the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons joins forces with the ultimate build and battle miniatures game to bring new dimensions of fun for everyone!

Champions of the Forgotten Realms is the first expansion Heroscape set for the Dungeon and Dragons crossover started by Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the Underdark. It is also fully compatible with all previously released Heroscape products. 

This box contains 4 booster packs 

Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen contains a Fen Hydra, a Sahuagin Ranger, three different Phantom Knights, and one treasure glyph. 

Fury of the Primordials contains a Wyvern, an Air Elemental, an Earth Elemental, a Fire Elemental, a Water Elemental, and one treasure glyph. 

Glaun Bog Raiders contains a Greater Ice Elemental, three different Greenscale Warriors, a Drow Chain Fighter, and one treasure glyph. 

Heroes of Faerun contains a Cyclops, a Drow Aracnomancer, an Elven Ranger, a Battle Mage, a Dwarf Warlord, and a treasure glyph.

Each pack contains 5 figures and a glyph.

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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast