Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures Booster Brick (8 Packs)

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Preorder 10/01/20WK73935

Collect all 44 figures from Legendary Adventures, the newest set of Pathfinder Battles miniatures including classic monsters and heroes from new concept art for the Pathfinder RPG!

Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures fantasy miniatures come in three product configurations, the Standard Booster, the Standard Booster 8 Ct. Brick, and the Standard Case.

  • Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures Standard Boosters each contains four figures total: 1 Huge or Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures.
  • Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures Standard Booster Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total).

Publisher: Wizkids