Pathfinder Battles Shattered Star Booster Brick (8 Packs)

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From the ashes of Thassilon, an ancient power rises! 

The friends, fiends, and foes of the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star invade your gaming table with Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star, the brand new Pathfinder Battles pre- painted miniatures set from Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games! 

This stunning set features 55 all-new pre-painted sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art in Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star. Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star miniatures come in two product configurations, the Standard Booster and the Standard Booster 8 Ct. Brick.

FOUR-FIGURE BOOSTERS! Pathfinder Battles Shattered Star Standard Boosters contain 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures. 

Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star Standard Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total).

Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star Standard Cases contain 4 Standard Bricks (32 Standard Boosters, 128 figures total).!!

Bar code: 634482709894

Publisher: Wizkids

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