Dark Heresy: The Radicals Handbook

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From the mysterious Ragged Oracle of Seedworld AFG-218 to the horrors of the Maletek Stalker, The Radical's Handbook contains a wealth of background information and game mechanics to enrich your Dark Heresy campaign. 

In the pages of this tome, you will find: 

More background packages and character options for those Acolytes of a Radical bent, such as Hive Mutant and the Exorcised More unusual and forbidden technology, including Dark Tech and Xenos weaponry. 
More rules for sorcery, daemon weapons, and daemonhosts 
Detailed information on the Radical factions of the Inquisition, including many Calixian-specific factions 
Advice on how to run a Radical campaign 
Ten of the most infamous Radicals in the Calixis Sector 
...and much, much more! 

 Whether you and your Acolytes prefer to destroy the Radicals or join them in their path to damnation, this sourcebook provides all you need to do both.

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Publisher: Fantasy Flight

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