Favor of the Pharoh

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In ancient Egypt, even a lowly peasant could seek an audience with the Pharaoh, and in Favor of the Pharaoh 2-4 players vie for the Pharaoh's favor by working their way up through Egyptian society, gathering influence (represented by dice and powers) to gain entry to the next level of society. Once any player gains the Queen's influence, a final contest occurs for the Pharaoh's favor. 

Favor of the Pharaoh tasks players with building a dice-rolling engine - not to mention adding and manipulating dice - in preparation for a final roll-off between all players to gain the Pharaoh's favor and win the game. 

Favor of the Pharaoh includes more than one hundred tiles, over twenty standard and custom dice, dozens of bonus tokens, level bars, locking pyramids, and more. With so many combinations of level bars and tiles, no two games will ever be set up the same!

2-4 players
Ages 10 to adult
45 minutes playing time

Bar code: 689070015383

Publisher: Bezier Games