Star Wars Destiny Way of the Force Release Kit

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Star Wars: Destiny offers fast-paced gameplay featuring favorite characters from across the  Star Wars Universe in a collectible dice and card game.

The  Way of the Force Release Kit contains prizes to support an event in your store to celebrate the newest set for the game! Invite your players to bring a deck (or two), and experience the new cards while winning some awesome extended art prize cards.

Each kit supports up to twelve players as they participate in a casual Release Party. Be sure to pair at least thirty-six  Way of the Force booster packs with each kit you intend to use, so that each player has the opportunity to purchase a minimum of three booster packs as they begin the event.

Offering  Boba Fett and  Luke Skywalker Starter Sets (product codes SWD09 and SWD10) for purchase will also give new players a way to join in on the fun!

Release Kit Contents (Not for Resale):

  • 12 Mission Brief Cards (explains tasks to earn prizes)
  • 39 Extended Art Promo Cards (13 each of three different cards)

Please note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced at a different facility than the original game, and may differ in color and texture.

Publisher: Fantasy Flight