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More than 100 years ago, within a period of only a few decades, unusually many historical finds, treasures and whole cities of antique cultures were found and excavated; Schliemann discovered Troy, Evans investigated Crete, Carter found the grave of Tutankhamen and Koldewey excavated Babylon. 

In Jenseits von Theben the players travel back to this time at the end of the 19th century, take on the role of these famous archaeologists and discover those antique treasures and places, which lay buried in the sands for thousands of years. 

Each player slips into the role of an archaeologist, travels across Europe, finds suitable knowledge in different archaeological areas then excavates at antique places. The players receive points from discoveries at these locations; the player with most points wins the game. Additionally, the players can acquire articles for better excavation and travel conditions and can visit exhibitions to present their finds.

2-4 players. 90 minutes playing time.

Bar code: 4010350604618

Publisher: Queen Games