Werewolves 10th Anniversary Edition

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Werewolves celebrate 10 years of success! To celebrate this anniversary, "Lui-m-meme" editions and the authors of Philippe des Pallieres and Herve Marly have concocted a special limited edition of this mythical game. 

For those who are new to the game, the goal is for the Werewolves to devour the townspeople at night and to conceal their identity during the day. However, the Werewolves need to take care as there are 11 special characters who have special talents that are determined to unmask them with the help of the villagers! 

The game includes 29 sturdy cardboard cards - including a "scapegoat" card to give players somebody to blame all mishaps on. This Special Edition includes high quality game cards, a refreshed design, five of the characters from Werewolves New Moon and new illustrations. And a neat Sheriff's Badge with a black cord to tie around the neck of the proudly elected official

  • Durable, high quality cardboard cards. 
  • New characters introduced with special powers. 
  • Up to 28 players can enjoy this party game. 

8-28 Players 
Ages 12 to adult 
30-45 minutes playing time.

Bar code: 9782914849883

Publisher: Asmodee