Cash n Guns Yakuza

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Another day, another caper - and another warehouse full of dead gangsters. 

The world's three largest Mafia gangs just pulled off the crime of the century, but when they meet up in a seedy back room in Hong Kong to split to take, everybody wants more than their fair share. Guns, swords and shrunken appear, and as steel flashes and bullets fly, bodies start to stack up and the cash starts to disappear...  

You're not on your own any more. Join a gang and play in teams, and add in the new characters to twist the way the game is played. Grab the grenade or the shotgun, or play as the Yakuza and use your swords and throwing stars to fight for your share. And if you think you have the guts, try the expanded rules and really test your steel. 

Ca$h'n Gun$: Yakuza is the expansion to the wild and wooly game of gunfire and guts. With foam tantos, shuriken and a shotgun, you'll now have enough weapons to outfit up to nine players, and the new objects and characters will mix up your original game and create even more madcap hilarity. With new variants, expanded items and characters, plus team play, you'll find even more reason to head back to the abandoned warehouse and open fire on your friends.

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Publisher: Asmodee