Dragon Valley

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At the fringe of the kingdom lies a dangerous valley, known for spawning deadly orcs and dragons. You and other lords have been charged with completely wiping the valley of all dragon lairs and orc strongholds. As deadly as the task is, if you prove your ability to withstand large onslaughts, you could become the high general of the king's forces before the valley has been conquered. The king will send troops and representatives to aid in your assignment that must be divided among all. Be wary as some gifts will be the targets of the very creatures you are sworn to destroy. 

 Players divide and select collections of units, upgrades and enemy units. They compete against each other to repel foul beasts and conquer the places from which they spawn. 

The main concept of the game is that each player has a keep from which they send archers, knights and trebuchets to defend and attack. The game sends battering rams, orcs and dragons. The monsters attack through a narrow mountain pass that opens up to a valley with orc strongholds, towers and forts. It also has a dragon mountain lair. 

Game Play: 
One player reveals buildings, friendly and enemy units and special event cards. That player divides the items into "equal" piles and the remaining players each select a pile. The person who divided the piles gets the remaining pile. Players then take their turns dealing with the good and bad items that they received. Points are scored for destroying enemy monster units and successfully completing a siege on enemy territories. 

2-4 players. 30 minutes playing time per player

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Publisher: Diamond K Games