Pack of Flies

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Let's introduce the players... You are all flies happily buzzing around the farm, looking for delicious things to eat. Bread & jam on the kitchen table? Pretty good -- but whats that over there? Oh YUMMY a huge cow patty! But watch out for the fly swatters and spider webs... 

In this fast-paced bluffing game, you will use your liar's poker skills to outbid your opponents, setting traps for them while trying to avoid the ones they set for you. 

  • 25 Black plastic flies, 
  • 1 Blue plastic fly, 
  • 6 Fly Food cards, 
  • 3 Fly Danger cards, 
  • 3 Special cards, 
  • 1 Illustrated rule book
2-5 players. 20 minutes playing time.

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Publisher: Asmodee