Fleet Wharfside

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Wharfside is a standalone card game based on Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty. 

Players compete to complete contracts by selecting contracts from the Market and by collecting fish from their Fleet at the Wharfside. It's what happens when the Fleet comes home! Tales of the bountiful harvest at Ridback Bay have traveled far, attracting merchants to the local Wharfside who wish to pay handsomely for your haul. A successful fisherman's day is not done with the catch; keen business decisions will determine if your Fleet has amassed a rich profit! Merchants have offered generous contracts for the catch, but which offer the greatest benefits? 

Choose and complete the most lucrative contracts and reap your reward!

2-4 Players
Ages 10 to adult
20-30 minutes playing time

Bar code: 609456647359

Publisher: Gryphon Games