Desperados of Dice Town

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You've hired the most ruthless gang of desperados you could find, but before they could take care of your opponents, the sheriff went and locked 'em up. Now it's up to you to spring those banditos and send them after your foes, before they do the same to you! 

Players will roll a handful of specialized dice, hoping to see the symbols that will advance their outlaws to the keys that will get them out of jail. Underhanded tricks, surprise cards, and the abilities of the bandits themselves will help you push your luck and execute your cunning plan - bankrupt the others and become the criminal mastermind of Dice Town!
  • Combines risk-taking, strategy and timing.
  • Eye-catching art. 
  • In the same world as the award-winning Dice Town. 
  • From renowned designers Maublanc and Cathala.
2-4 players
Ages 8 to adult
30 minutes playing time

Bar code: 3760146641655

Publisher: Asmodee