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  1. Carcassonne 20th Anniversary Edition
    The classic tile-laying game celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special new edition!
  2. Carcassonne Abbey and Mayor
    Now players have new possibilities of strengthening their influence in the area around Carcassonne.
  3. Carcassonne Big Box
    Combining the original tile-laying classic with eleven of its expansions...
  4. Carcassonne Bridges Castles and Bazaars
    Host an auction, build bridges and construct a new type of Castle.
  5. Carcassonne Builders & Traders
    This 2nd expansion takes Carcassonne to new dimensions of fun and excitement.
  6. Carcassonne Count King and Robber
    Claim the city, build shrines and journey across the longest road to claim your victory!
  7. Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals
    The expansion offers all fans of Carcassonne new challenges, plus material to allow a sixth player to join in the fun.
  8. Carcassonne Princess and the Dragon
    With the aid of the fairies, brave heroes venture forth to face danger.
  9. Carcassonne Safari

    Experience the classic tile-laying game in a unique setting with a new twist.

  10. Carcassonne: The Tower
    Build towers high into the sky and experience an all new way to play tile-laying classic Carcassonne...
  11. My First Carcassonne
    14 July, it's a national holiday in France, the sheep, chickens and cows are set free. Can you catch all the animals before dusk.

12 Items

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