Mansions of Madness: The Yellow Sign

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Julian Glen, a talented up-and-coming playwright, has penned a work that he claims will be his masterpiece. There's only one problem... it's turning its audience into mindless fanatics! As some of the few audience members to retain your sanity, you and the other investigators must now work together to find Glen and uncover his true plot. 

The Yellow Sign is a Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness. Based on a design by a collaboration of fans at FFG's Arkham Nights 2011, The Yellow Sign thrusts players into a a house filled with deranged actors. Can you survive until your next curtain call? 

The Yellow Sign includes: 
  • 35 Exploration Cards 
  • 4 Lock Cards and 5 Obstacle Cards 
  • 4 King's Court Cards and 4 Event Cards 
  • 3 Objective Cards and 3 Keeper Action Cards 
  • 3 Rules Sheets 

Note: Due to variations in the printing process, cards from Print on Demand expansions will be subtly different in appearance and texture from base game cards. For this reason, some of the cards in this expansion are reprinted from the base game to retain a consistent appearance when shuffled.

Bar code: 9781616614560

Publisher: Fantasy Flight