Sword and Sorcery

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  1. Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles
    It's time to become part of the Sword & Sorcery legend!
  2. Sword & Sorcery: Chaotic Familiars

    These Familiars provides valuable help on the battlefield...

  3. Sword & Sorcery: Ghost Soul Form Heroes
    Includes five finely sculpted miniatures. Replace the figures of the five heroes included in Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles when they die with the Ghost Soul version.
  4. Sword & Sorcery: Lawful Familiars
    These intelligent little creatures that are able to create a magical link with their humanoid friends.
  5. Sword and Sorcery Arcane Portal
    From the depths of the abyss, new, infernal enemies are summoned to bring chaos and death to the Talon Coast!
  6. Sword and Sorcery Kroghan Hero Pack
    A champion who gathers heroes under his guidance and leads them into battle!
  7. Sword and Sorcery Onamor Hero Pack
    Onamor can be played as either a Chaotic Necromancer or a Lawful Summoner.
  8. Sword and Sorcery: Vastaryous Lair
    Prepare to fight the dragon in the fiery depths of its abode...

11 Items

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