Golem Arcana Zikia: Heralds of the Great Weald

Golem Arcana Zikia: Heralds of the Great Weald

Golem Arcana Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs

Craftet from the bones of monstrosities of ages past, Urugal Golems prowl the battlefield to claim the skeletons of their enemies. 

Three new Golems for your Golem Arcana Army. The Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs Expansion includes:  

The Crypt Tick is a surprisingly difficult adversary to kill, flying forward to hold key positions on the battlefield. Using Leeching Stab, the Tick sinks its razor-sharp ventral fangs into its prey and restores itself to full health!

The Marrow Witch inflicts her enemies with a Surging Hex, causing 5 Damage the next Round, 10 Damage the Round after that, and finally 15 damage on the third Round.

The Relentless Brute keeps up a near unstoppable assault, as each hit the Golem lands reduces the Cooldown of all of its attack abilities by 1. The Brute will likely run out of AP on its turn before it runs out of attacks still at their base AP costs! 

Also included are three TDI Golem Cards (matching the figures), two double-sided Blessing and Curse tokens, and four new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army:

The Onyx of Jhosa-Lata: Turns Mana Wells into powerful bombs.
The Noose of Akhir: Summons a Construct to restrain and attack enemies in its region.
The Ossetic Parasite: Punishes an enemy Golem for attacking, causing damage each time it hits.
Dusaka-lul's Blade: Allows the Golem wielding it to steal Mana from the enemy army.
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