Bag O Munchkins

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That's right, now we've got Munchkin Dudes in six colors - the four colors found in Munchkin Quest, plus the purple and orange from Munchkin Quest 2 - Looking for Trouble. 

The obvious thing to do is to keep the Munchkin pawns around for the day one is lost. But if you're truly evil - and your friends let you get away with it - you'll show the world just what a munchkin you really are by using these pawns in other games. 

In Munchkin Any time you are entitled to go up a level - or when you do something that WOULD earn you a level if you weren't already Level 9 - you may, instead, place a munchkin pawn in front of you. In any combat, you may discard it for a 1d6 bonus. You may only have one in front of you at a time. Unless, of course, you "lose" these rules and tell the other players that you're allowed to have more. Six is a good number.

Bar code: 837654321324

Publisher: Steve Jackson games