Witches of Blackmore

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Long, long ago there was a small village called Blackmore. It was hidden in a beautiful forest with huge trees and small forest trails. This village was home to a group of witches. They lived a peaceful and happy life full of magic. 

In the middle of the village was the Witches Wheel. A magical instrument so powerful that it would even surpass the magic of the most powerful witch. However, nobody has ever uttered the correct magic words to make the wheel work... until today.
  • A surprising and original trick game by top game designer Leo Colovini
  • Unique twist of trump card mechanism: not only the colour changes, but also the order of the trump colour
  • Exciting up to the final trick: players have a significant impact on the game through cunning use of the witches wheel
  • Simple rules and easy to play by means of the witches wheel: everyone can play along!
2-5 players. 30 minutes playing time.

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Publisher: White Goblin