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  1. A la Carte
    Can you prepare the perfect dish and become Top Chef, or will your chance at culinary stardom end up in the trash?
  2. Bacchus Banquet
    Take the roles of nine guests at a banquet in the time of Caligula, each with a secret objective.
  3. Chai
    Step into the shoes of a tea merchant, combining tea flavours to make a perfect blend
  4. Chocolatiers
    Take on the role of a young chocolatier boxing up chocolates to make a decadent chocolate display!
  5. Chocolatl
    Set in the midst of the fascinating time of the Aztecs, the legend of Quetzalquatl and of course, Cacao: the fruit of the gods!
  6. Cupcake Empire
    Cupcakes are at the height of fashion in the city. It's the perfect time to expand your business.
  7. Food Chain Magnate
    Who will build the most successful fast food chain.
  8. Food Chain Magnate: Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas
    A new set of milestones that completely changes strategic options
  9. Foodfighters
    A battle game with all the right ingredients.
  10. Gingerbread House

    Once upon a time a witch lived alone in her house in the depths of the forest...

  11. Grand Austrian Hotel
    This is your opportunity to turn your little café into a world famous hotel. Hire staff, fulfill the wishes of your guests, and gain the emperor's favor. Only then will your café become the Grand Austria Hotel.
  12. Gum Gum Machine
    As the cogwheels start turning,who will manage to produce the best Gum Gums.
  13. Ice Cream
    Demonstrate your business skills by running an ice cream stand. Will you be the prince of pistachio... Start scooping!
  14. Just Desserts
    Be the best waiter by making sure that all the guests get their Just Desserts!
  15. Kim Joys Magic Bakery
    A light cooperative card game that tells an adorable story over 10 unique scenarios.

Items 1-15 of 33

per page
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