Team Story

Team Story

Letter Head

Letter Head cards look like a typical playing card deck, but with letters instead of numbers and points instead of suits. Use them to build the highest scoring words and win the game.

Missing a vowel? Use a wild card! Or bluff! When spelling their words, players can choose to put some letters face down. A successful bluff will earn you points. Incorrectly calling a bluff earns your opponent points. May the best bluffer win!

Letter Head also includes rules for the following games:

  • Word Slam: Be the first to find a word using the shared cards and slam it on the table.
  • Red-Handed: Spell words on the table and use them to build your hand.
  • Vultures: Spell words from your hand using a letter from the previous play.
  • Freeze: Draw and discard, and call freeze when you think you have the highest scoring word.
  • My Word: Attempt to form a word from the discard pile before the other players can.
  • Crosswords: Play your letter cards to form connected words like in a crossword puzzle.
  • Crosswords Solitaire: A single player version of Crosswords.
  • Letter Head Solitaire: Form a series of words using every card in the deck.
  • Letter Recall: Remember the letters in a Concentration-style grid and use them to spell words.
  • Word Poker: Similar to five-card draw, but the winner spells the highest scoring word.
  • Seven-Letter Stud: Similar to seven-card stud poker, but the winner spells the highest scoring word.
  • Stormy Letters: Similar to Seven-Letter Stud, but the players share the same face-up letters.
  • Letter Hogs: Be the first player to get three letters in alphabetical order.
  • Letter Perfect: Help a young child learn the alphabet.
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